What is Puerto Vallarta best known for?

Why is Puerto Vallarta famous?

Are you visiting Mexico? Are you a beach fan? Visit Puerto Vallarta! This place is famous. Because of its beautiful beaches. This is a resort city. The city is located on Pacific Ocean. And People enjoy visiting here. It is a costal-plains. This is a city majorly based on tourism. This city is known for tourism since decades. Are you looking for Spirit Airlines Name Change?

Here are few things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Make sure to read the list. Enjoy your time in Vallarta. Beaches here are a delight. You will find beautiful accommodations here.

A List of Things Puerto Vallarta is Best Known For:

Natural Beauty:

Puerto Vallarta is a hidden jewel. It is on the Mexican Pacific coast. It has captured the attention of many. This city, known for its gorgeous beaches. Colourful culture, and rich history, offers a unique combination. This place is a natural beauty. And its cultural legacy that distinguishes it.

Playa Los Muertos:

Visit this beach. Because it is one of the most popular beaches. Here you will find many bars and restaurants. Other shops are here as well. Everyone comes here for beaches. Thus, Playa Los Muertos is must visit place. These beaches provide the ideal balance of peace and adventure. You will have a chance for sunbathing. Go and do swimming. You can also go for snorkelling, and surfing. The name of this beach translates to ‘the beach of the dead.’ The coastline of this beach is one kms.

Explore the Marine Life:

Another big appeal for tourists is aquatic life. During the winter months you can observe humpback whales. It is very commonly in Vallarta. It is observed in the Bay of Banderas. It makes the city a popular destination for whale sighting. Here ocean is also home to a rich aquatic life. And you can explore that. You can do scuba diving here. Can anyone do Spirit Airlines Name Change?

Festival & Culture:

Puerto Vallarta is also well-known for is its vibrant culture. With several festivals. And events hosted throughout the year. The city is deeply rooted in heritage. Puerto Vallarta celebrates the Day of the Dead. It is an ancient Mexican festival. Which involves colourful parades. And magnificent shrines set up across the city. The city also has artistic touch to it. You can visit galleries here. Galleries display the works of local artist. As well as international artists.

Great Food:

Good Sea food is another reason for this city’s popularity. You will find options from street food booths. Where you will get typical Mexican food. And you will find upmarket restaurants. Where you will be served gourmet cuisine. The local’s favourites including ceviche and grilled fish.

Romantic Zone:

This is Puerto Vallarta’s historic core. This place is called as the Zona Romantica. It is an additional gem. This neighbourhood is distinguished by cobblestone lanes. You will see white-washed buildings. The iconic landmark Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Zona Romantica also has a lot of stores, and cafés. And restaurants, making it a popular destination for visitors.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

Here Street processions takes place in December. This place is made to honour Saint of Mexico. And Saint of Puerto Vallarta. This is an old cathedral. It has an image of a Lady as its altarpiece. It is made of marble. The bell is made of brick.

Cuale Archaeological Museum:

This small museum is full of surprises. You will find Columbian pieces. And artifacts from India here. Some treasures of Spanish cultures are also here. Details about Huichol tribe. The remains are present here. Local painting and motifs are also here. You will find things of beadwork here. One of the unique things here is yarn-painting.

Summing Up

Have you decided to visit here? Finally, Puerto Vallarta is popular for its pretty beaches. And the vibrant culture. Along with the diverse marine life. Delicious sea-food, and historic charm. You will find exciting nightlife. You will enjoy natural splendour. And cultural riches make this place to stands out. Puerto Vallarta has something for everyone. So come and see for yourself the charm of Puerto Vallarta! What are the details for Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy?

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