How do I Spend a day in Kingston?

Do you hail from Canada? Do you want to visit Kingston? Many tourists go on a single day trip and want to spend some peaceful hours in places like Kingston. If you are ready for this fun journey, then follow this place till last. Kingston is a popular city of Canada. Many people all around the world are curious to travel to Kingston because of its many famous tourist destinations.

Although there are multiple things to do in Kingston in this post you will find some places where you can spend some quality hours of the day. The Spirit Airlines are most common conveyance used by the visitors. The Spirit Airlines Flight Booking Policy is also available so if you find any problem regarding Flight Booking then do visit the help centre.

Spend a day in Kingston:


1.Canada’s Penitentiary Museum:


This museum is situated in Kingston, Canada. If you want to spend a day learning some worthwhile things, then you can visit this museum. In this museum visitors can see the historical weapons and uniforms. Museums are filled with informative exhibitions from which you can learn about the historic events of the city. In this museum, there are six rooms that has several exhibits which can give you information about the prison history of Canada.

2. Martello Alley:


This is a cozy place where you can spend some quality hours of your day. If you love watching wall art hangings, then you will find some amazing ones here. There is an art gallery at this place where you can explore various kinds of arts. You will find here shops as well and the shopkeeper here are very kind.

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You can walk around this small place and can relax here. There is also a tea shop along with an art gallery. So, spending time in this place is a worthwhile thing you can do in a day. You can also take your pets in this place.

3. Lake Ontario Park:


This park in Kingston has beautiful summer vibes. You can explore this place to see the exotic lake view with blue clear water in summer. In winter the water gets frozen but you can still visit here to look over the frozen water with cold vibes. If you are fond of peaceful places, then this could be the perfect one for you. Lake Ontario Park is an august park to pass sometime of your day. You can click pictures in this park, have food and enjoy the Charming evening here.

4. Engine 1095:

In Engine 1095, you can see various big and small trains. You can take your kids in this place. Your kids definitely like this place very much. It’s very amazing place for your child.  You can take pictures with the trains. This place is well maintained. You will not see it much busy. The place also teaches significant things about the history of Engine 1095. If you live around Kingston, then it will take a few hours to visit this place. If you are a foreigner, then you can take spirit airlines group travel for this journey.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, you can spend a full-fledged day in Kingston by visiting such amazing places and doing activities you like. If you are going to Kingston for a short trip, then these places are best to explore in one day. You can easily take your time out from your busy schedule to visit this place in a single day. If you don’t want to go far from your stay place, then you also do fun activities around your stay place only. For Spirit Airlines Flight Booking you can go through the policies given in the help center of the official website of Spirit Airlines.


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