Percocet Abuse and Treatment

Within the United States, approximately 44 people die from an overdose of opioids Oxycontin due to prescriptions. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In 2009, deaths from overdoses were greater than deaths resulting in motor vehicles for first time in the history of.

In 2010, about 60% of deaths due to drug overdoses across America comprised prescription opioids. Deaths caused by these prescription drugs is currently higher than deaths due to overdoses from all illicit drugs.Buy Oxycontin online according to the reports. That from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) publishes. The large number of overdose deaths suggests an increase in the rate of addiction. As well as suggesting that prescription opioids are at an epidemic rate.

Percocet is a name use to describe the opioid-base painkiller. It’s a mix of Oxycodone. An opioid and Acetaminophen a painkiller available over the counter which is the active ingredient in Tylenol. Oxycodone has been categorize to be an Schedule II drug under the Control Substances Act. It is control by the Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA. The Schedule II substances are among the most tightly control substances that are accessible in the US. Which are accept for use in medical facilities. The only other drugs that are in the federally-control category are Schedule. I drugs which are consider illegal and are not medically approve for usage in America.

Opioids are considere to be extremely addictive. In The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) declare in the year 2000. That more than 2 million Americans were suffering from. The effects of an addiction to prescription opioids disorder. Recovery from alcohol addiction as well as addiction to Percocet is facilitate. Through treatment strategies that include therapeutic models and sometimes, medication. Especially du detox to ease withdrawal symptoms that can develop.

Diversion and Abuse of Percocet and Prescription Opioids

Percocet is a prescribe medication for pain relief however it also has effects that cause feel of calm less anxiety and a higher feel of pleasure. It is an excellent choice for those seek pain relief. 

Opioid prescription medicines like Percocet are usually employ to steal money which means they are offer for sale and distribute to people who do not have an approve prescribe or health reason for taking the medication. Certain individuals might come up with symptoms and seek an appointment with several medical professionals (call”doc shop”) to purchase more dosages of the drug. Then they keep take the medication until they are no longer require or consume more medicine than recommend or take Percocet to enjoy a few moments of pleasure. 

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) of 2013 found that the most common method for people to obtain prescription medications is through a friend or family member (53 percent). Americans who were 12 or over who usedrugs in 2012 obtaine the drugs via the use of this technique).


The NSDUH in 2014 was report as 4.3 million Americans (over the age of 11) were identified as users currently prescribe painkillers. The majority of those who use (2.8 percentage) were age between 18 and 25.

Other demographics for all ages were approximately identical in relation to the proportion of patients that used prescription painkillers.

Another way to determine the degree of abuse that specific substances by assessing the number of people seeking emergency department (ED) treatment for reactions that are adverse to certain substances. This is the way that you can determine how the Drug Abuse warning network (DAWN) examines the amount of ED visits. In 2011, products containing oxycodone (which comprise Percocet) were responsible for the highest number of ED visits involving the medically prescribed narcotic painkillers, more then one million ED visits. HHS says that the prescription of opioids could result in more than $70 million annually in medical and healthcare costs.

Percocet is a ergot-based medicine that, according to The New York Times, can make it more dangerous when used often, as it can lead to the poisoning of acetaminophen or an overdose. According to reports, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings for Percocet regarding possible adverse consequences if it is taken according to the directions or in combination with alcohol or other substances. The FDA warns of the potential of Percocet to become a habit-forming drug that could result in dependence.

Understanding Percocet Addiction

Opioids, like Percocet, are utilized to alleviate pain by altering chemical neural pathways connected to feelings of pain. They also alter certain processes of the central nerves, including breathing rates, blood pressure and heart rate. The neurotransmitters, which are the brain’s natural chemical messengers that send signals that cause us to feel happy, similar to dopamine, are affected by Percocet, as well as other medications. Opioid drugs are a great source of opioids. They could trigger an increase in dopamine levels within the brain. This may trigger a feeling of high when the substances are misused.

It is possible to crush the tablets, then snort them or crushed and then inhaled, the powder dissolves and instilled. The methods allow the release of all the drug into the bloodstream in one shot, resulting in a severe “high” as well as increasing the risk of an overdose, which could end up being life-threatening.

The Journal Physiological Reviews, published by the American Physiological Society, states that the use of opioids may modify the negative reinforcement system within the brain, which can lead to physical, emotional and change in behavior. The effects of opioids are also changing addiction to recreational drugs to addiction, and even addiction.


If you’re taking Percocet and is unable to discern the difference it could be that it’s a case of drinking. They may speak in an slur or display diminished motor coordination, causing a slowing of memory short-term and unable to make an informed decision or staying focused.

They could be susceptible to taking part in dangerous behavior and also have decreased inhibitions and a lower control over their behaviors. Once that the effects from the drug diminish, it is possible to feel dizzy or anxious, or suffer from headaches and chills and may notice an increase in their blood pressure. Also, Buy Oxycontin they could be prone to a snoring and a yawning, as well pupils that are dilated as well as an irritable nose that can tear up. They may also be suffering from sleep issues as well as irregular heartbeats and muscles discomforts. Depression and anxiety may be present.

Dependence is when the body and brain are taught that the substance is good and then cease functioning normally in the absence of it, as a result of the alteration within the brain’s structure and functions resulting from the frequent and constant use of the drug. Dependence and withdrawal substances are a few the symptoms that may be associated with addiction. It is possible that they are due to a tolerance to substances.

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