Metroid: 10 Hardest Games, Ranked

Several games in the Metroid series are known for how hard they are. Most of the time, these cases stand out.

One of Nintendo’s most popular games is the Metroid series. Its story, game design, and gameplay are so well-known that they gave rise to a whole new genre: Metroidvania. On top of all these great things, Samus Aran is widely considered to be one of the best main characters in games. She also broke new ground by being one of the first main characters who could be played by a woman.

But the Metroid games are also known for being hard and sometimes making you feel like you’re in a small space. Finishing any Metroid game will test the player’s reflexes. These are the hardest Metroid games ever, with platforming parts that require precise timing and enemies that must be shot down and attacks avoided.

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