Mastering the ASIN Reinstatement Process on Amazon: A Comprehensive Guide


For sellers on Amazon, encountering a suspended ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) can be a significant obstacle to maintaining sales and growing their business. However, understanding the reinstatement process and taking proactive steps can often lead to a successful resolution. In this guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of ASIN suspension on Amazon and provide a comprehensive roadmap to Get ASIN reinstated on Amazon ensuring uninterrupted sales and continued success on the platform.

Understanding ASIN Suspension on Amazon

ASIN suspension occurs when Amazon restricts or removes a product listing from its marketplace. This can happen for various reasons, including policy violations, intellectual property complaints, safety concerns, or poor product performance. When an ASIN is suspended, it becomes inaccessible for purchase on Amazon, impacting sales and visibility for sellers. Understanding the reason behind the suspension is crucial for initiating the reinstatement process effectively.

Review the Suspension Notification

The first step in reinstating a suspended ASIN is to carefully review the suspension notification from Amazon. This notification typically provides details about the reason for the suspension, such as policy violations, customer complaints, or quality issues. Understanding the specific reason for the suspension will guide your efforts in addressing the issue and crafting a compelling appeal.

Assess and Address the Issue

Once you’ve identified the reason for the ASIN suspension, take prompt action to address the underlying issue. This may involve conducting a thorough review of the product listing, updating product information, or resolving any policy violations. For example, if the suspension is due to a customer complaint about product quality, take steps to address the issue, such as improving product packaging or quality control processes.

Craft a Persuasive Appeal

the issue addressed, craft a persuasive appeal to submit to Amazon’s Seller Performance team. Your appeal should clearly outline the steps you’ve taken to resolve the issue and ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies. Provide any relevant documentation or evidence to support your appeal, such as updated product information, quality control procedures, or customer testimonials. Be sure to acknowledge any mistakes or oversights and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality and compliance.

Submit the Appeal through Seller Central

Once your appeal is ready, submit it through Seller Central by navigating to the “Performance” tab and selecting “Appeal the decision.” Choose the specific ASIN that has been suspended and follow the prompts to submit your appeal. Provide all requested information accurately and thoroughly to expedite the review process. After submitting the appeal, monitor your Seller Central account for updates and follow any additional instructions provided by Amazon.

Follow Up and Provide Additional Information if Needed

After submitting your appeal, be prepared to follow up with Amazon’s Seller Performance team if necessary. They may request additional information or documentation to further evaluate your appeal. Respond promptly to any inquiries and provide the requested information in a timely manner. Maintaining open communication with Amazon throughout the appeals process demonstrates your willingness to cooperate and resolve the issue effectively.

Monitor the Appeal Status and Stay Patient

Once your appeal is submitted, monitor the status of the appeal through Seller Central. Amazon’s Seller Performance team typically reviews appeals within a few days to a week, but the timeline may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the volume of appeals received. While waiting for a response, exercise patience and refrain from resubmitting the appeal multiple times, as this can delay the review process. Trust in the appeals process and remain confident that your efforts will lead to a favorable outcome.


Reinstating a suspended ASIN on Amazon can be a challenging process, but with careful preparation, effective communication, and patience, sellers can navigate the process successfully and resume selling with confidence. By understanding the reason for the suspension, addressing the underlying issue, and crafting a compelling appeal, sellers can demonstrate their commitment to compliance and resolve the issue effectively. Remember, the appeals process is designed to ensure fairness and transparency, so trust in the process and stay proactive in advocating for your business interests. With persistence and determination, sellers can overcome ASIN suspension issues and continue to thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

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