Are you searching for the top health-related niches to write about on your blog? Pick one of the numerou health relate sub.The use of niches is a good method to concentrate your attention and ensure your blog is notice.

Why should I write about health-related niches?

Picking a health relate niche is a good idea when you’re a medical student or coach entrepreneur or just are intereste in health and well-being.Health niches are where people offer information about topics relate to fit health or It can be a broad variety of health micro niche  that I’ll discuss in greater detail in the follow.

It is difficult to start your own health blog?

Health-related niches fall under the category of YMYL, which is the way you live or how much money. These are areas that Google considers to be subjects that relate to financial health or finances. If you provide incorrect information, it could be harmful, something Google would like to avoid. This is why you’ll typically find established credible and reliable websites on the initial page of results for health/medical issues.This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t begin an health-related blog, but If you are an expert in specific areas, then it could be a suitable topic to write in. If, for instance, you have depression, creating an individual blog on the field is a great idea.

What Are The Best Health Niches


Yoga is among the most sought-after health-related niches, with more than 200,000 searches per month in the US only (according the research of Semrush).Yoga is also a simple niche to make money from as you can create videos and sell workshops, guides, ebooks, and other materials. In addition, you can offer classes and coaching within the local location.

Foods that are healthy and nutritious

Semrush claims that healthy eating is the subject of around 27,100 searches in the US.

If you look at the array of tiny nuances within healthy eating habits, there’s a lot of topics to write about, including dishes, eating healthy options for those who are prone to eating disorders, healthy eating on a tight budget, and healthy food choices for weight loss.


If you’re thinking about launching a fitness blog, having a bit of experience in this particular niche will give you an advantage.There are a variety of ways to make money from your bodybuilding blog, such as exercises, PDF guides as well as personal training. You can also consider developing your own brand of supplements.


Supplements is among the most lucrative health niches because of the sheer number of consumers who invest money on this market. The supplement industry in the world is projected to bring in approximately 220 billion dollars in 2027, which makes it among the most profitable niches for growing a company.

Dietary needs for a specific demographic

Nutrition is among the top health topics for bloggers since you can focus on a range of subjects.For instance, nutrition could be a concern for kids, adults, or even infants. Or, you can be focusing on nutrition to treat particular health issues like diabetes or high cholesterol.

Dental dental

The world’s dental industry is estimated at $360 billion.If you’re a member of or studying in the field of dentistry You could concentrate on education work in the dental field or even products for consumers. You can earn income through affiliate market offer the best product or service to people to buy.


The search term ‘skincare routine’ is used to generate around 22,200 searches each month across the US (source: Rushmore). This means that there is a huge potential for this particular niche.In addition to reviews of skincare products You could also write about concerns with skincare, or particular audiences for example, skincare for teenagers. Or, you can write about cosmetic surgical procedures.


Sleep is among the top healthcare and wellness areas because of the possibility of affiliate marketing. If you choose to pursue this avenue you could write about sleepwear, beds, products that help with insomnia, sleep problems among children, etc.


Meditation is a top search engine with more than 110,000 US per month in accordance with Semrush. While there’s plenty of competition within this sub-sector, you can be unique by targeting an individual type of user. For example, meditation is a good option for kids or those suffering from anxiety.


Although it may sound easy, it’s quite challenging to achieve. Take a look at the time you eat. You’re not focusing on all aspects of the procedure – the sensation inside your mouth, and the process of chewing.The practice of mindfulness has numerous benefits, including decreasing anxiety, stress as well as aiding in the treatment of pain.This field can be useful if you are looking to help others improve their lives. You could provide guidance, coaching, or even courses.


Massage is a great health sub-sector since you can reach different kinds of clients. For instance aromatherapy massage, couples massage and sports massage.


In Semrush Reflexology is portrayed to be a major contributor to 90,500 per month US searches.If you’re knowledgeable about reflexology then this may be the perfect area of health for you. Also called Zone Therapy, you could earn money through your blog by offering classes and guides workshops, as well as services.


Acupuncture is a subject that has a steady rise in popularity as per Keywords Everywhere:This traditional Chinese practice is suitable for those with experience in this field. Through videos, education guides and other news items you’ll be able educate readers on this method and the benefits they could gain from it.


Detoxing covers several micro topics, such as body detoxing for weight loss or drug/alcohol/nicotine detoxing.A professional qualification or a course in this field is beneficial, particularly when you’re providing tips and advice on health.

Herbal medicine

A blog on herbal medicine may have content that is based on many different plants or flower. Or, you might want to focus on one specific herb.Here are some well-known herb-based remedies:Turmeric Ginger Echinacea Ginseng Elderberry Garlic Green tea.

Spa retreats and wellness

A blog about Spa resorts, wellness or retreats are a great idea when you are looking to focus upon affiliate advertising. It is easy to write reviews of different retreats within the country you are in or concentrate on the benefits of retreats, and how you can maximize the value of the experience.

Holistic health

Holistic medicine includes a range of methods – some are listed in this list, such as massage and acupuncture. You could also create a holistic health blog about the process itself and what’s involved.

Quitting smoking

I’ve mentioned detox before in this list; however, a blog about the best ways to quit smoking could be a focus on the lifestyle, healthy habits, personal stories, as well as product reviews.

How to stop drinking

Similar to the one above, a website about how to stop drinking could include recipes for mocktails, stories, lifestyle tips, as well as relaxation methods.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing may include self-love, positive thinking, positive energy, healing, and many more. A blog about this health area can also cover meditation and yoga, along with writing, music and the natural world.

Health and well-being of mommy

Health and wellness for mos is a different one of the health care segments for those who do not have prior experience as a medical professional.If you’re a mother, you could have useful tips and suggestions that you could give to your followers. The majority of mos are stressed, which can lead to exhaustion and stress, so this is an issue that a lot of people are search for advice on.


Allergies such as food, pollen and pet allergy are excellent blog topics for bloggers in the health field. Allergy blogs provide an abundance of information to those seeking advice, tips and product review.

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