Healing from Heartbreak: Going through the process of divorce and finding one’s path in life.




It is very important to note that divorce as a life experience is often described by people as very painful and difficult. As much as we may believe that we have the power to make or break our own lives, there are moments that feel like they can truly level and redefine us: moments that test the strength of our foundations, the resilience of our spirits. The emotions that people may experience may include grief, anger, confusion, and loneliness and can at times become unbearable. 


But, as with any big change that occurs in our lives, so divorce also offers some positive aspects: the possibility of personal development, to start a new life, to build a new life. As time elapsed and undergoing such self-care measures, it is possible to recover fully and become even more resilient. This article gives useful divorce advice on how to manage the feelings, rebuild the energy and assertiveness, find out what makes you happy again, and, therefore, turn this terrible event into a positive change for the better.


Processing the Emotion

When two partners decide to part ways or are getting a divorce, it is okay to allow yourself to grieve and experience the feelings of sadness, hurt, fear, anger or grief. One should not suppress his emotions as they can resurface at another time. If that’s what you want, have crying sessions but otherwise write how you feel or perhaps, tell your close friends divorce advice. The only way to curb them is to face the emotional pain right from the root of it, though it is not easy.


With time one needs to consciously work on minimizing thoughts that go to the negative end of the spectrum. If the feelings of anger or resentment arise, seek reason. Do not use guilt-inducing statements or use the letter to express your feelings of anger towards ex excessively. Tell yourself that in most cases, relationships end for one or the other, and it is rarely the fault of either partner. In case one is feeling upset, frustrated or depressed, one should proceed to engage in such activities divorce advice as exercising, painting, volunteering among others.


Rebuilding Strength and Confidence 

Chronic fatigue, depression, hopelessness and worthlessness are some of the feelings that arise from separation. Instead, list them down on a paper and read them every day in order to get encouragement and motivation and these are not related to your ex or the marriage divorce advice. Regain or establish your appreciation for the very essence of living.


Gradually begin to attempt more challenging tasks which will assist in the enhancement of self-esteem. Take a class, start a course or a new program, opt for a new sport, sign up with a divorcee support group near you. It is okay to participate with friends when they invite you to some place you have not visited before. You will be able to relive the passion for the unknown and venture into unexplored areas of life.


The more you embrace solitude, the less you will need your ex’s approval or anyone else’s to validate you or make you feel complete. You do not need anyone, and you are capable of achieving your dreams independently. I really think that the ability to attain independence is something so freeing and special.


Rediscovering Passion and Purpose

In this stage, it is possible to view it as a new beginning – an opportunity to find out what you are passionate about. What touches your soul? divorce advice What do you consider to be a wonderful experience? What hobbies or tasks could you do for hours, or that you have done in the past for hours?


It is often refreshing to be able to return to things that once interested one but were left behind due to other activities. Other such activities include paintings, music, writing, tending to gardens, cooking, photography or traveling. Submerge yourself in all that replenishes your soul, and everything that is not connected with an identity of a wife.


Trust your inner self to lead you to new territories you feel called to in a certain sphere like volunteering, activism, yoga businesses. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to learn something new about oneself. But most of all, be true to yourself, follow your own heart and your own intuition.


Lastly, staying single is good but don’t shy off from finding love again once time is ripe for it. So just be wise when selecting them and make sure you have also done the work on yourself before getting into a new relationship.


Using Pain For Growth

In other words, recovery and coping after a divorce is majorly a function of attitude and the speed it takes for people to bounce back. There are many negative things you can conclude from this revolution and you can decide that your life is over, and you will suffer. Or perhaps the pain will serve as fuel, that pushes you to achieve greatness you never dreamed possible. 


This loss should be considered as a divine call to wake up and start leading a productive life. This is the time to remember that we must live life to the fullest, with no regrets and no fear. Perceive each occurrence from that future point as a valuable lesson in your development ever after. 


The choice is yours. It’s your chance – tragedy or opportunity – to create something new from the wreckage of a broken heart.



It will not be easy all the time; there will always be some tough days in the process – even relapse is part of the process in healing. It is alright to take time to heal; always remember that if you make a conscious effort to find what brought joy in your life, build and nurture friendship and always look at the brighter side, everything will be okay. You will also regaining your smile and the shine of your skin. And when you come out the other end, life holds the most exciting promise to anyone who is willing to seize it.


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