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LED Strip Lights suppliers This means that if you are in the market for a particular product, then you should look for a wholesaler that offers the best rates in bulk.




LED strip lights are a highly popular product in today’s market for both commercial and home use. They are an energy effective way of providing coloured feature or back light to any room or an effective source of pure white light for task lighting. 


In case one is in need of LED strip lighting for a large project or in large quantity it becomes wise to take sometime and do some research and compare the suppliers so as to get the most appropriate products. The best way of ensuring that you have the right LED strip light is by making sure that you have got quotations from several suppliers.


There is also a classification of LED strip lights depending on the type of LED lights: ⋄ SMD LED strip lights ⋄ COB LED strip lights


There are a few main options to consider when sourcing LED strip lights:There are a few main options to consider when sourcing LED strip lights:



LED strip lighting is available in a variety of light intensity which ranges from low light decorative strips to extremely bright strips which are as bright as the conventional fluorescent tube lights. One important aspect of consideration is the level of brightness that you are going to require based on your application. The high output, therefore corresponds to higher costs.



LED strips come in single color such as warm white, cool white, RGB strips allow users to change the color at a push of a button, RGBW that comes with an added white, and tunable white LED strips that one can adjust the color temperature of light. Tunable white and RGB are costly than a single color LED lights.



Wiring LED strips with higher voltage is better for more extended distances than the low 12V LED strips but installation is easier. This means that the maximum run length is primarily limited by voltage, which influences the levels of brightness that may be impacted by voltage drops.


IP Rating

Smart strips that are installed indoors may have no protection from the weather, while products rated IP65 or IP67 are moisture-proof and are applicable to outdoor use. More to the point, higher IP ratings scale up cost.


Connection Mode: The possible scenarios are strip-to-strip connectors or soldering or it can also be a click-in connection. Connector types are dependent with installation time and costs especially for long distances.


Some LED strips include dimming functionality enabling control of the light intensity to match the specific requirement. This incurs extra costs, however, it offers more flexibility in manipulating the light intensity.


How to Buy Bulk LED Strip Light at Affordable Prices from the Right Suppliers


When buying LED strip lighting in bulk, it’s important to work with suppliers whose reputations are well known in the market to ensure that you do not end up with a batch of inferior goods. Here are tips for identifying reputable bulk LED strip light manufacturers and wholesalers:Here are tips for identifying reputable bulk LED strip light manufacturers and wholesalers:


Check Industry Experience


Select companies that are purely involved in the commercial production of LED strip lights and have been in the business for 5-10 years or even more. They will realize what it means to have quality and standardized products at a large scale. 


This step involves reviewing the online ratings and testimonial of all the companies, which were discussed in the previous section.


The leading vendors of LED strip lights have positive customer feedbacks, testimonies of larger clients who made orders in bulk. In the case of deciding where to purchase products, it is important to focus on the comments regarding the orders or individual orders where large quantities or orders that have been designed uniquely are involved.  


It is also paramount to ask about quality control and testing, concerning all products and services in the organisation.


Some of the key questions you should ask your suppliers are questions on quality assurance, quality checks, and failure/defect rate. This is because the quality of products and their performances will be of higher standard as opposed to those products that were manufactured with little or no regard for quality control.

Ask About Warranties


On the other hand, longer warranty periods (5-10 years) explain firms that are confident in the durability of their products and have effective quality control. You should also shun suppliers who do not guarantee their strip lights for a particular time or do not offer warranties at all.


This means that it is necessary to evaluate the certifications that a company has and also review its compliance with the set rules and regulations.  


All standard LED strip suppliers meet crucial safety and performance features accreditation such as CE, RoHS, UL, and Energy Star. It is advisable to inquire about the level of compliance through potential suppliers. 


In this post, I will share LED Strip Light quotations to make a decision on which one will suit you best LED Strip Lights suppliers.


Once a supplier has been selected or a list of suppliers has been compiled and thoroughly studied, the final step is to send out a request for custom quotations to the desired companies based on the specifications of a particular lighting project.


Quantity Needed

Ensure that the total length is presented in mere or feet when it comes to LED strip lighting and ensure that it is described in very detailed manner. The price quote given by the suppliers will depend on the volumes of the product to be in each order LED Strip Lights suppliers.


Special Requirements

Always make it specific to inform any special conditions such as brightness output, length tolerance, waterproof, working hours a day, working temperature, color rendering index or dimmable.


Total Cost

Do not base your choice on price per meter or foot when it comes to LED strip lights. With total project cost of various power supplies, connectors, controllers and all other related costs such as shipping fees, duties, taxes etc. Communication should also be in writing and should be in a form of an inclusive quotation.



Verify with supplier that all warranty terms are correct when asked upon confirmation. Products with long warranty periods are often associated with better quality and durability of the product, hence the longer warranty period.



Ensure that the quot above LED strip light comes with important safety and compliance certifications such as CE, RoHS, IP and others if relevant.


Supplier quotations should be compared in every aspect for your custom LED strip light project so that a high quality product at the lowest price can be procured. It is always advantageous to take the time to do it right and complete all the necessary steps in a timely and efficient manner as opposed to rush all the work and regret it in the long run.


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