When Is the Right Time to Hire a Painter?

A well-painted home is a vision of beauty and a reflection of meticulous care. However, the timing of when to hire a professional painter can be a conundrum.

This article aims to shed light on the best seasons to hire Roof Painters, based on industry trends, and offers some strategic advice for homeowners.


Choosing the perfect time to hire professional house painter can make a huge difference. Similar to how you’d ideally buy a snowmobile in June or a bicycle in November, the painting industry also has its peak and off-peak seasons. It’s often during the slower periods that you’re likely to secure better rates and superior service.

Off-peak Season for Interior Paint Jobs

The start of the year, particularly January and February, are typically slow months for interior painting jobs. This is due to a combination of factors:

  • Many people prefer to hibernate indoors after the holiday festivities.
  • Post-Christmas, individuals are often strapped for cash, paying off holiday bills or renewing gym memberships.

Therefore, if you’re not limited by these constraints, this period can be an excellent time to schedule your interior painting. Not only are painters more readily available, but you might also receive more competitive quotes as painting companies strive to keep their crews employed during the slow period.

Painting While Vacationing

Holidays are a great opportunity to have your house painted, especially if you’re planning an extended vacation. Although entrusting strangers with your home might seem risky, most professional painting services carry appropriate liability insurance, employ trustworthy crew members, and can provide solid references.

Imagine returning from your vacation to a freshly painted, transformed home! As a bonus, many painting companies also offer cleaning services, ensuring you return to a spotless environment.

The September Slowdown

September is another quiet month for painters as it coincides with the back-to-school period. Parents are usually occupied with school preparations and aren’t focusing on home improvements. If you’re not in this category, it’s an ideal time to schedule an interior paint update. Read More: Commercial painters Brisbane

Plan Ahead for Exterior Painting

It’s wise to book exterior painting jobs well in advance. Many homeowners contact painting services in March and April to book their summer projects. Early planning guarantees a spot on the painter’s schedule and allows you to enjoy your renovated exteriors throughout the sunny season.

September and October for Outdoor Projects

Don’t rule out September and October for exterior painting. These months offer warm, dry weather without the scorching heat, perfect for outdoor painting tasks. While it’s not advisable to start extensive projects or stain decks late in the season due to potential rain, smaller areas can still be addressed. Painter

The Advantage of Newer Paints

Today’s advanced paints can be applied at lower temperatures, stretching the painting season. The conventional rules around curing times and temperature don’t always apply, offering more flexibility. Painter

Pre-Move Painting

For those buying a new home, it’s best to schedule the painting before moving in. An empty house is easier to paint and reduces disruptions once you’ve settled in. Painter

Selling Your Home

If you’re planning to sell, painting your home early allows you to enjoy its fresh look before the selling process gets hectic. Painter

Timing Your Real Estate Listing

Real estate agents affirm that listing your home when there are fewer properties available can increase its chances of selling. January and pre-spring are often recommended times to list, giving you a head start over the spring rush. Link

Thinking strategically about the timing of your painting project can yield significant benefits. It allows you to plan ahead, reduce stress, and enjoy the results of your investment on your terms. Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you are better equipped to make informed decisions about your next painting project.

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