What are People Also Search For or People Also Ask boxes?

What are People Also Search For or People Also Ask boxes?

“People Also Ask” (PAA) and “People Also Search For” (PASF) are two types of interactive search features that often appear in Google search results. These features provide users with additional related questions or search queries that are commonly asked by people searching for similar information. They are designed to help users explore different angles of a topic and find more relevant information.

Here’s a brief explanation of each:

  1. People Also Ask (PAA):

    “People Also Ask” is a search feature that presents a series of related questions in an expandable dropdown format. When a user clicks on one of the questions, the dropdown expands to reveal the answer, along with additional related questions. This creates a dynamic and interactive experience for users who can explore various aspects of a topic by clicking through the questions and answers.


  • User searches for “best exercises for lower back pain.”
  • The search results may include a “People Also Ask” box with questions like “What stretches help relieve lower back pain?” and “Are planks good for lower back pain?”
  1. People Also Search For (PASF):

    “People Also Search For” is another search feature that appears as a list of related search queries at the bottom of the search results page. These related searches provide users with additional keyword ideas or variations that are commonly associated with the original query.

  • User searches for “healthy breakfast ideas.”
  • The search results may include a “People Also Search For” section with queries like “easy healthy breakfast recipes” and “quick breakfast ideas.”

Both “People Also Ask” and “People Also Search For” features aim to enhance the user’s search experience by guiding them toward more comprehensive and relevant information. Users can click on these suggested questions or search queries to explore different aspects of the topic or discover new related topics.

For website owners and content creators, these features provide insights into the types of questions and queries users are interested in. Incorporating these questions and variations into your content can help improve its relevance and visibility in search results.

Please note that search features and algorithms can evolve over time, and the availability and appearance of “People Also Ask” and “People Also Search For” boxes may vary based on location, device, and other factors.


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