The Best Fonts for Your CV in 2023

The Best Fonts for Your CV in 2023

There are a lot of choices available, and deciding the best font for your CV may often hard choice. So, choosing a font size that and easy to read may support you to create a good impression on your future boss.  Just understand what fonts for your CV are available and which ones you use for your application documents. Thus you can enable you to show your professionalism and then highlight your expertise and skills.

So, in this article, I am going to show you what is the best font size for your CV you may use in 2023.

What is the Best Font to Use for a CV?

There are thousands of fonts for your CV to select from, and you might feel stressed once decisive on which one you may utilize on your application documents, such as your CV because it might be tempting to select a font that proves your character. But then you need to remember that recruiters might not favor a font that creates it tough for them to read and reference your CV. Since many companies as well utilize software known as application tracking systems (ATS) to record and kind of job applications. But these programs do not every time read and interpret tricky fonts better. Thus they might turn hard or very detailed font choices into empty boxes or other obscured fonts.

What are the Best Fonts May Use in 2023?

So, if you are creating a CV for an innovative field such as graphic design or advertising. You have extra flexibility when it comes to the style while it is still vital to effort on readability. Below are the few best fonts for your CV you can use in your CV in 2023.

  • Ariel
  • Calibri
  • Didot
  • Georgia
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Times New Roman
  • Tahoma
  • Cambria
  • Garamond
  • Helvetica
  1. Ariel

Ariel is possibly the plainest member of the sans serif family. Because it is a sleek, no-frills shape that creates the best font for almost every professional sector.

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  1. Calibri

The fact that its font size has thrown out Times new roman like Microsoft Word’s default font tells you how famous this is. Because it is modern and light, it is the best choice for your CV. As well every one of these fonts works greatly for writing a cover letter as well too.

  1. Didot

So, this font is regarded as the extra original in its family. It is a mostly famous font in the world of fashion. But then this is the best choice for artists and creatives without even going enormous. You need to remember that font selection is not only a matter of choice. Because cover letters are every so often scanned with an ATS (Applicant tracking system) software. The software aids recruiters sift over huge amounts of CVs extra fast. So, if the ATS cannot recognize the font on your Cover letter and read it. Then you may as well send an empty sheet like your job application.

  1. Georgia

Georgia is a very simple font size and it is once more a mixture of both modern and old styles. Since it is as well a famous font size in the writing community and is utilized with large-name newspapers. It is the best font for creative or job writing.

  1. Trebuchet MS

It is named later for its medieval inspiration. Because this font size is an extra bit positive as compared to other fonts. This font is a little bigger and darker as compared to its matching part and as well extra strong. So it is the best selection for any profession.

  1. Times New Roman

While times new roman is not anymore the king of all fonts. But then it is yet regarded as the ruler of what is famously named old-style fonts. Thus this font is the best choice for applicants in careers like law, medicine, civil service, and business.

  1. Tahoma

Tahoma is well a member of the sans serif member family. This font size is very simple to read and thus creates the best choice for your CV no matter what role you are applying for.

  1. Cambria

Cambria font size was intended to work better for a screen reading and in a small size. Thus it is a mostly great font to utilize if you know you will be printing your CV.

  1. Garamond

It is every so often categorized such as the presence of the shrift fonts. Because it is a nice fusion of the present look of the sans serif family as well the classic structure of serif.

  1. Helvetica

This font was created in Swiss. And it is honoring which has its own documentary film. Helvetica every so often utilized in big brand names. So, this font size is a great choice for job searchers in business, marketing, or sales.

Font formatting for a CV

  1. Bolding

Bolding is among the top and as well most overworking format choices. Because it is the best format feature, it creates the words that truly show up and grasp the reader’s attention if in the text or your CV aspect titles.

  1. Highlighting

Whether highlight on print on a screen, it may draw the attention of the readers. But then as well creates it tough to read. Since it is as well-regarded instead of unprofessional.

  1. Underlining

This choice is normally utilized to specify CV section headings. But then it becomes less common. Even so with the spread of CV templates and word handling choices which enable you to split the whole page by the use of complete lines.

  1. Italicizing

This is among the most widely utilized option to highlight words in a CV. Whereas Italic as well creates words that show up as bold does. It as well creates them slightly tougher to read, mostly in small sizes.


Hence you may see that an apparently trivial thing such as your font choice may have a great impact on how your CV introduces itself as well in effect you like a job searcher. So readability and expertise are the most crucial factors once you are choosing the best fonts to utilize on your CV.

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