The Advantages of Installing a Dashboard Camera

When driving on the road, it is important to feel comfortable and safe. The dashboard camera has become a helpful tool for drivers and commercial fleets. Their popularity has evolved into indispensable tools for road use, offering a reliable means to record road activity and serving as a vigilant companion on your journeys.

dashboard camera is a continuously operating video recorder mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard or windshield. Dash cams, as they are more popularly known, have gained immense popularity due to the following advantages:-

Parking Protection

You risk losing your car anytime you park it outside. Reports by Delhi police reveal that theft of parked cars outside homes accounts for 55% while those parked outside the office space account for 1%. Out of this, the recovery rate of stolen vehicles is only 10%. All the others disappear into thin air.

Hit-and-run incidents are also prevalent in cities, and getting the culprit accountable is a big challenge. Dash cams use motion sensors to detect movement and vibration near your car. G-sensors in the cameras detect impact or collision on your car and send video snippets to your mobile app in real time.

Captures Memorable Moments

One golden rule of life is to document all memorable moments for reference or nostalgia. Moments quickly pass before you realize it. Cameras help capture some of the best ones. It also makes sense to capture them before they become fading memories. Traditional cameras are not readily accessible and are not safe for use when driving.

Dash cams are fitted on the windshield, allowing hands-free operation. They have continuous recording features, capturing every memorable moment. Also, they have a wide-angle lens, which helps capture a broader field of view. 

Monitors Drivers’ Behaviour

Reports show that 60% of accidents are caused by overspeeding. If you run a fleet, you understand how good driving habits can save a company from huge losses. A simple mistake by drivers, such as overspeeding or sleeping on wheels, endangers the safety of the car and other road users.

Dash cams serve as valuable tools in monitoring drivers’ behavior. Digital dash cams such asKent CamEye have dual cameras, one for the cabin and the other for the road view. They also have misuse prevention alerts which monitor the driver’s action on the road, and GPS tracking devices for cars to capture the driver’s location.

Accident Evidence

Accidents have become quite common. Worse, determining fault in a collision is challenging and contentious. In most cases, witness accounts are discordant. All parties have different recollections of the events that led to the accident. Where does that leave you? It leaves you under a lot of stress and unpaid by your insurer.

Dashboard cameras have high-quality video recordings that continuously record video footage while you drive. They capture every moment, including moments that lead up to the accidents. A dashboard camera provides unbiased and objective evidence of what occurs, footage that can help reduce disputes over fault and liability. 

Protection from Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a growing issue affecting insurance companies and honest policyholders. Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, can protect you from becoming a victim of insurance fraud schemes such as the “crash-for-cash” scams. Their video evidence can help expose these fraudulent activities and safeguard your interest.

Dash cams offer numerous advantages. They are helpful tools for any driver or organization that values peace of mind and safety. The high-tech features in them make every journey interesting, memorable and safe.

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