Is The CIPD Qualification Difficult?

Undoubtedly, the course is challenging. Your employer’s knowledge that you can obtain this by paying for it further demonstrates that your skills have been recognized at work. If they inquire about your progress, simply provide a brief update on what you are currently learning.

Studying for the CIPD may not be as simple as one can think it is something that particularly if you have taken a long break from your school and are looking to resume your further education. But if you want to study for a CIPD qualification in order to advance your career, you must start from somewhere.

Following consultation with our team of tutors or professionals, we have provided some advice or effective tips on how to prepare for the CIPD exam. If you are starting your quest to earn a CIPD qualification, take into account these.

CIPD Qualification Tips 

  • Make sure there are no distractions while you are in class so that you can focus entirely on the material being covered. They are knowledgeable experts who have a wealth of information to share, and they can offer you suggestions on what to incorporate into your assignment.
  • Read as much as you can, and carefully peruse the trainers’ provided resource library. Every study resource provided is significant.
  • Ask questions as many questions if you don’t understand something. Until and unless you inform them, your tutors won’t be aware of your questions. Additionally, keep in mind that no question is silly.
  • Develop the habit of reading your work aloud. By doing so, you can count words and detect minute errors that you might otherwise miss when reading in your head.

Make sure you fully comprehend the assignment and include all of the requirements. For instance, if it specifies mentioning five points, be sure to include five separate points.

  • If the assignment calls for a detailed description, you should elaborate on how well you comprehend the idea.
  • Plan quality time to conduct research for your assignment rather than completing it quickly.
  • Using examples from “real” workplaces to support your arguments will not only help you get better grades, but it will also improve your understanding.
  • Last but not least, consider whether you learn best early in the day or late at night, and pick that time to study.

So, these are just a few pointers to aid in your effective CIPD study. You can speak to our professionals at Bradfield if you require additional assistance or have questions.

It’s over 30 years, Bradfield has been the only dependable CIPD partner. To public and private sector organizations in a variety of industries, including finance, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, leisure, education, and retail, we provide credentials and consulting services on a global scale.

To find out more about our CIPD Level 3 qualification, Level 5 qualification, and Level 7 qualification professional training programs.


It may appear that there are numerous options when selecting your CIPD qualification. Our recommendation is to concentrate on the two main components that distinguish the qualifications:

  • Do you want to focus on learning and development or human resources?
  • Advancement level: Are you interested in studying at the Foundation, Associate, or Advanced level?

Once you’ve answered all those questions, you’ll be well on your way to deciding which course is best for you.

Additionally, remember that you don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) make your choice alone.

To ensure you’re picking the best course for you, our best CIPD writers in UK will be happy to discuss your experience, education, and goals with you.

What Determines How Long CIPD Takes?

1. The type and difficulty of the qualification you are studying; a Foundation Certificate will take comparatively less time to complete than a Strategic Diploma.

2. How you study the qualification: Classroom, online, and Live Online (the type of online learning we provide) studies all require different amounts of time to complete.

3. The learning provider you select: Due to internal procedures, there are various learning providers frequently have different study methods and schedules for the same qualification. How long does a part online, part classroom-based

Take CIPD?

As you know there are Some educational institutions that can also provide hybrid learning. Which combines the two types of learning online learning and classroom-based learning.

With this innovative method of learning, you can typically complete some of the coursework in a classroom setting with other types of students and some of it online at your own pace. In essence, hybrid learning combines online and in-person learning.

Hybrid learning can vary between different learning providers, which complicates matters further. For instance, you might discover that some providers place a higher priority on online learning. Whereas others place a higher priority on classroom learning. Some may divide it evenly.

The Lesson Is That Studying Is Time Well Spent

All of the deadlines we’ve provided for finishing CIPD courses depend, of course, on what you do as a student. You will probably be capable to finish the course much more quickly if you are studying online. Or using a hybrid model that combines online learning with in-person instruction.

Even though there isn’t much you can do to speed up a CIPD course that is only taught in a classroom if you put more effort. You’re more likely to understand the entire content and material and not need to spend extra time reviewing it.

While it might take some time to finish a qualification, you never stop learning new things. Any time you put towards your studies is time well spent.

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