FUSD holds Substantial College Artist Showcase | Leisure

FUSD holds Substantial College Artist Showcase | Leisure

The Fontana Unified School District held its Larger Faculty Artist Showcase on the Artwork Depot on Dec. 10.

Further than 80 youthful artists from Fontana A.B. Miller, Fontana, Kaiser, and Summit substantial colleges exhibited their performs in the midst of the perform, which was coordinated by the Metropolis of Fontana Neighborhood Supplier Part.

The winners of the showcase ended up:

David Artiga (1st put – Painting)

Eunisse Ayala (2nd spot – Yarn)

Karol Barragan (1st place – Multimedia)

Jasmine Castillo (2nd location – Ceramics)

Amelie Escalante (1st place – Mixed media)

Annalida Esturban (third place – Ceramics)

Abril Galicia (1st location – Drawing black and white)

Aylet Galvan (1st and third put – Digital images)

Carmen Garcia (third put – Drawing black and white)

Phillip Garcia (third place – Collagraph Print)

Ashley Gill (1st location – Yarn)

Carolina Gonzalez (1st put – Ceramics and 1st space – Portray)

Justin Hensley-Astronomo (2nd location – Collagraph Print)

Kassandra Hernandez (1st space – photographs)

Leslie Khoum (third place – Mixed media)

Sierra Lesnikowski (third spot – Drawing color)

Carlos Martinez (third space – Multimedia)

Sofia Molina Suarez (third location – Photos)

Jeremy Moran (2nd space – Multimedia)

Diego Nava (2nd space – Images)

Miranda Olagues (1st place – Drawing coloration)

Madilynn Powell (2nd put – Drawing color)

Abigail Rivera (2nd place – Blended media)

Luis Sainz Gil (2nd spot – Drawing black and white)

Leilani Urrutia (third space – Painting)

Kimberly Van Vleet (2nd space – Digital footage)

Moses Velasco (1st place – Collagraph Print)

Valeria Zapata Felix (third place – Yarn).