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Downloading videos on a PC is very simple, but it becomes more simple when you have applications like video downloaders for PC. For users’ benefit, there are a few free video downloaders for pc are also available online on the internet. The main advantage of using such applications is the quality of the downloaded videos will remain the same, with the help of a free video downloader for pc the quality does not reduce and you can convert to any format of your requirement like, MP4, AVI, MP3, etc. Another advantage is that multiple videos can be downloaded simultaneously very easily and fast.

A list of Free Video Downloaders for PC

The below list provides various online video downloaders for Windows 10 that are effective on other OS as well.

HitPaw Video Converter 

    1. The application is effective for Windows and MacOS both.
    2. Users can download videos of various formats through this application like MP4, MOV, MKV, etc
    3. It is widely used and you can download videos from Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and other streaming applications too
    4. Pros – The Pros of using the application are it has a great UI, with so many unique features, and supports multiple formats on different devices too. The converter has the best editing capabilities for videos.
    5. Cons – The major con of this application allows static output quality only, which does not give many options to users.


    1. iTubeGo must be heard by everyone and might be used as well once.
    2. It is very simple to use and can be supported on Windows, Mac, and Android
    3. It also supports all the formats to download videos in, MP3, MP4, MOV, AAC, MP4, FLAC, etc.
    4. The converter gives the option to download videos from 10,000+ sites
    5. iTubeGo gives the unique feature to download only the required length of the video and you can cut the unwanted section from the download.
    6. Pros – The uniqueness of features is the main pro of the application. It offers video and audio conversion features as well.
    7. Cons – It is a paid application that gives a limited free trial only. That ultimately limits the usage of the users.


    1. To stand out in the market among various competitors the application allows you to download videos in the same quality you get on Youtube in formats like MP3, MP4, or MOV
    2. It is supported by Windows and macOS only
    3. Only applicable for Youtube the application provides users with to support 4k//8k/1080p
    4. With the help of this application 360 degree videos, an overall playlist and the entire channel’s content can be downloaded from the Youtube application.
    5. Pros – It has a user-friendly UI with an easy-to-download process of downloading and allows users to download in various formats.
    6. Cons – The application does not give any editing features to the users.

Thus with the help of a Video downloader application, you can download videos and short reels content from numerous platforms like youtube Instagram, Facebook, and various other streaming sources as well.

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