Crazy Time Casino Rules: Your Path to Exciting Wins

Crazy Time is a live casino game that’s simply a must-try. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this thrilling game hit the market in the middle of 2020, generating immense anticipation among players and instantly becoming a massive hit. Following in the footsteps of popular titles like Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal and other such games, Crazy Time adds another feather to the cap of this renowned casino game studio.

Here, we will mainly focus on the rules of Crazy Time casino game and explain them clearly. You will get the confidence to register on your preferred platform and start playing the Crazy Time game.

Rules of Crazy Time Casino Game

When you enter Crazy Time, you will encounter a colourful game board dominated by a large central wheel. This live game operates like a spinning slot machine that determines the course of the game. It decides things like increasing the initial wager or introducing a bonus round. The game’s host takes a spin once players have laid their bets.

This wheel is divided into 54 segments, each offering different bet multipliers: 1, 2, 5, and 10, along with bonus games like Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Times. When you spin the large wheel, the outcome is determined by where the pointer lands. The betting area is below the wheel.

To play, you should place your bets on different spinning wheel parts. You can bet on just one part or more if you like. Each section of the wheel offers a different payout. You will get your money back if you bet on the 1 section. If you bet 10, you will win 10. The most exciting part is the Crazy Time. Betting on that could make you win up to 200,000 times what you put in.

A live dealer spins the wheel, and where it stops is random. If it stops where you bet, you win the prize for that spot. If it lands on a bonus game, you can win extra cash.

Here’s something important: The RTP (Return to Player) percentage is 94.41%. Crazy Time pays back about 94.41% of the money people bet. If you bet a lot, you can expect to get back almost 95% of what you put in over time.

The Bonus Games that Come with Crazy Time are:

● Coin Flip:

Appearing four times on the wheel, Coin Flip is one of the four Crazy Time bonus games. It is a straightforward coin toss between two bet multipliers represented by red and blue colours. Your bet can multiply from 2 to 100 times and go even higher if the multiplier wheel lands on Coin Flip. The host triggers the flip, and a machine decides which side of the coin faces up, determining your multiplier.

● Cash Hunt:

This mini-game shows up twice on the Crazy Time wheel and offers a thrilling experience. Imagine facing a massive wall with 108 bet multipliers hidden behind symbols like cacti, gifts, targets, sheriff’s stars, rabbits, and jester’s hats. You get to choose a symbol or let the game choose for you. When the time’s up, the symbols vanish, revealing the multipliers hidden behind them. It is a game of luck, so may fortune favour you!

● Pachinko:

Also appearing twice on the wheel, Pachinko is another exciting mini-game. It is hidden behind the wheel, and you will find a purple vertical wall with 16 boxes at the bottom. Random multipliers and one or more ‘double’ symbols are placed there if luck is on your side. The host ascends a staircase and releases a puck from the upper part of the wall. It bounces off the pegs until it lands in one of the boxes. The bet multiplier associated with the box determines your winnings. If a double symbol is hit, all multipliers double, and the puck is dropped again.

● Crazy Time Bonus:

The ultimate bonus in the game, Crazy Time, appears only once on the wheel. When this bonus triggers, the host takes you behind the red door on the right side of the stage, revealing an incredible world akin to the grandest amusement parks. At its centre is a colossal wheel, making the host appear tiny in comparison. Here, you must choose one of the three colours atop the wheel. In addition to bet multipliers, the wheel also features double and triple symbols. Will you select the colour that leads to the most remarkable multiplier? The choice is yours!


To wrap it up, playing Crazy Time gives you the utmost fun and thrill. Its colourful wheel, multiple mini-games, and the chance to multiply your bets offer a unique and entertaining gambling experience. The rules of Crazy Time are straightforward, making it accessible for newcomers and experienced players. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, this game will be fun. Choose a trustable platform like LCH India to play Crazy Time and earn more money.

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