Choosing The Perfect Office Chair For Workplace

Selecting an office chair is supreme for the organization’s productivity and employees’ health. A bad selection of office chairs adds poor blood circulation, and back, neck, and shoulder pain. A chair for the office is more than simply furniture. It is a crucial instrument for workplace comfort and general well-being. An office chair provides comfort, and good posture during long working hours. Selecting the best office chairs for office seems like an easy task but when we exactly think about it, a lot of elements come into our mind which affects our decision making. The factors which affect our decision-making are price, comfort, material quality, ergonomics, warranty, customer support, etc. Before buy an office chair online for the workplace we should find out how many different kinds of office chairs are available and what is the actual difference between them.

What Features Should An Office Chair Have?

  • Which maintains a good posture.
  • Reduce pain and enhance focus. 
  • It ought to have several characteristics that may be adjusted.
  • To make it easier to spend extended periods of time at the desk, seat cushions should be nicely cushioned.
  • For extended working hours, it should contain a headrest and armrest.
  • Durability and Comfort.
  • The material and build quality should be high.
  • We can move more freely and simply thanks to the swivel and tilt mechanism.

Types Of Office Chairs

  1. Executive office chairs
  2. Ergonomic office chairs
  3. Guest/Visitor Chairs
  4. Leather office chairs
  5. Mesh office chairs
  6. High back office chairs
  7. Designer office chairs
  8. Kneeling Chairs

1 . Executive office chairs

Office Executive chairs are those which provide full back support and also increase the comfort of employees so that they can spend long sitting hours in the office. Executive chairs are mainly preferred for the top management of corporate organizations because they are designed while keeping some aspects of reducing lower back problems, adjustment control of armrests and seat height in mind.

2 . Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs have a lot of adjustment features that provide users to maintain their ideal sitting position. Office chairs are basically recommended for users who spend long working hours at desks. A good ergonomic office chair possesses all these features: Lumbar support, Backrest, Armrest, Adjustable seat height, Swivel, Comfy seating material etc.

3. Guest/Visitor Chairs

Guest or visitor chairs are those chairs that are located at the reception or waiting area. Generally, these chairs are not adjustable, flexible and movable. These chairs can be customized as per the company’s requirements. It should be mainly used for short time periods of sitting.

4. Leather office chairs

Leather office chairs show a sense of comfort, style and luxury. These chairs are often big in size because their padding is thicker than other office chairs. It offers durability, softness and easy maintenance. Leather chairs should be used in cold places because in hot environments leather chairs become sticky for users. Leather office chairs are a bit expensive but some cheap leather chairs are also available in the market.

5. Mesh office chairs

Mesh office chairs are in demand just because of their excellent flexibility and breathability. The breathable holes of mesh chairs keep you cool all day while working. The mesh chairs are lightweight so you can move them around easily and It is comfortable to use in warm workplaces also.

6 . High back office chairs

A high back office chair is that which is tall enough to support your head properly. There are mainly two types of high-back office chairs. The first one is the high back chair that is specially designed for your upper and mid back but there will be no support for your neck or head and the second type of high back office chair is specially designed for to entire back and also the head & neck support.

7. Designer office chairs

Designer office chairs are those which are specially designed to act as a sparkling piece at the is useful for decorating the interior of the office reception, cafeteria and waiting area for visitors and clients.

8. Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs are specially designed for people who have back pain or want to improve their posture. They have a sloping seat and knee rest which enables the user to sit in a kneeling position. The kneeling chair can improve the curvature of your lower spine..


In this, I have provided you with a list of office chairs which are fulfilling the different needs according to the requirements. Before taking a decision of buying an office chair make sure you are aware of your health concerns, work hours, body type, budget and the level of comfort you require. once you have done, refer to the information above and get your perfect office chair.

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