Blue Prism ARA02 Questions: The Definitive Guide to Exam Preparation

The mandatory Blue Prism ROM ideas and delivery principles are tested in the Blue Prism ARA02 certification exam, which measures a candidate’s knowledge and comprehension of these topics. Candidates who oversee the development of the SS&C Blue Prism delivery capacity inside an organization are eligible for the Blue Prism ROM (Robotic Operating Model) Architect Certification exam. Candidates must successfully finish the ROM Architect courses in order to be prepared for the exam. To pass the ROM Architect Exam quickly and simply after completely finishing the course, you need practice with the most recent and accurate Blue Prism ARA02 Exam Questions. Although it is not necessary to have prior experience to take the exam, it is strongly advised that students supplement their education with ROM architect delivery experience.

Details of Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect Exam

  1. Number of Questions: 60(multiple choice)
  2. All questions of equal weight 
  3. Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
  4. Language: English, Japanese
  5. Passing Score: 70%
  6. For candidates from nations where English is not the official language, an additional 30 minutes may be granted to the candidate.
  7. But the Non-English exam is only available at test center
  8. The exam can be taken at any Pearson testing center and the cost of the exam is $295.

How to Prepare For the Blue Prism ARA02 Exam

To prepare for the ROM Architect exam it is mandatory that you have to knowledge the following learning objects on the Blue Prism Portal LMS:

  1. Enterprise RPA Maturity Model (LMS) 
  2. Enterprise RPA Capability Creation Overview (LMS)
  3. Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (LMS): 
    • Module 1. ROM – Vision and Organization 
    • Module 2. ROM – Governance and Delivery Methodology 
    • Module 3. ROM – Service Model 
    • Module 4. ROM – Technology
  4. You can find all overview and delivery documents in the area of the Portal’s Robotic Operating Model category, 
  5. Lifecycle Orientation Training
  6. All positions’ Blue Prism Certification Training Paths 
  7. Blue Prism Product Overview – Enterprise Edition 
  8. Blue Prism Infrastructure Overview 

Although you can take the exam whenever you like, it is recommended that you compliment your study by having experience playing the role of ROM Architect and working with someone who has experience building a Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model.

The Best Way To Prepare For the Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect Exam

The Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect Exam is a difficult exam, but it is not impossible to pass. With the best preparation and study material, you can be successful.

Some tips and tricks for preparing for the exam are following:

  1. Take the Blue Prism ROM Architect Foundation exam course. This course will give you a solid foundation in the concepts and principles of the ROM exam.
  2. Read the Blue Prism ROM Architect documentation carefully. This documentation will provide you with more detailed information about the ROM exam.
  3. Practice answering the Blue Prism ROM Architect practice ARA02 questions. This will help you get used to the format of the actual exam and the types of questions that are asked in the exam.
  4. Get feedback on your practice exams. This will help you identify any areas where you need more improvement.

What are the Benefits of the Blue Prism ROM Architect Certification?

There are many benefits to having the Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect Exam certificate. Here are some of the most important:

  1. Increased job opportunities: The demand for RPA professionals is growing rapidly, and having this certification will make you more marketable to potential employers.
  2. Higher salary: Certified ROM Architects typically command higher salaries than non-certified professionals.
  3. Enhanced skills and knowledge: The exam covers a wide range of topics related to RPA and ROM, so passing it will demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of these concepts.
  4. Professional recognition: The Blue Prism certification program is highly respected in the RPA industry, so having this certification will give you a sense of professional pride and accomplishment.

Exam Topics

The Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect Exam (ARA02) covers a wide range of topics related to RPA and ROM. The following are some of the most important topics covered on the exam:

  1. Robotic Operating Model (ROM): This is the foundation of any successful RPA implementation. The exam covers the key components of a ROM, including the vision, organization, governance, delivery methodology, service model, and technology.
  2. Enterprise Maturity Model (EMM): This model helps organizations assess their maturity in terms of RPA. The exam covers the different levels of maturity in the EMM and how to progress from one level to the next.
  3. Business process management (BPM): This is the foundation of any successful RPA implementation. The exam covers the key concepts of BPM, such as process modeling, process improvement, and process automation.
  4. RPA organizational models: There are different ways to organize an RPA team. The exam covers the different organizational models and the pros and cons of each.
  5. RPA delivery methodology: This is the process of planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining an RPA solution. The exam covers the key steps in the delivery methodology and how to ensure a successful implementation.


Preparing for the Blue Prism ARA02 certification exam is a crucial step for individuals aiming to become proficient Blue Prism ROM Architects. This exam assesses candidates’ understanding of essential concepts within the Robotic Operating Model and its associated principles. The exam itself consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, each carrying equal weight, to be completed within 60 minutes. Achieving a passing score of 70% opens up numerous benefits, including increased employability, higher earning potential, enhanced skills, and industry recognition. Employing strategies like enrolling in relevant courses, studying documentation diligently, practicing with mock questions, and seeking feedback can significantly contribute to success in the Blue Prism Certified ROM Architect Exam.

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