Amethyst Stone – Benefits, Price and Value

Amethyst Gemstone belongs to the quartz crystal family. This purple gemstone looks highly attractive because of its hue and crystal-like appearance. This semi-precious gemstone with lustrous shine attracts the eye and so because of its beauty is used highly in jewelry making.

In astrology, this gemstone holds a significant place and is said to contain a lot of energy. It symbolizes spiritual healing, peace, and wisdom, which is why it is often used in healing therapies.

In India, this stone is also known as Jamunia and Kathela. The name Amethyst comes from the Greeks. They have a beautiful maiden known by the name of Amethystos, who is popularly known as the God of Wine. The color of the stone is like wine which signifies the name.

Benefits of the Amethyst Gemstone

An original Amethyst with its purple color attracts the eye in one look. It is a beauty in both look-wise and quality-wise. The stone with its properties will benefit the wearer in many ways. It will protect the wearer from the negative energies. And brings luck and positiveness in the life of the individual who wears it.

The many benefits of wearing an amethyst gemstone are:

  • Increases the knowledge and intellect of the wearer.

  • Brings love and passion in the life of the person. And assists in attracting love to people who are looking for their potential mate.

  • Improve’s financial condition of the individual, also helping in bringing wealth and success.

  • This stone is often used as an alternative to Blue Sapphire gemstone.

  • Changes the life of the wearer by bringing in good fortune.

  • The amethyst stone activates the crown chakra and the third-eye chakra. These chakras enhance the intuition powers in the wearer as well as guide the person on the path to spirituality.

  • The stone will help you with your thought process. It will remove the fogginess from your mind and help you have a clear mind.

  • It decrease sadness and anxiety, reduces depression, provides relief in panic attacks and assists the person in being hopeful and peaceful.

  • The amethyst stone benefits also includes helping in getting better sleep.

  • It augments concentration powers as well as memory powers.

  • There are also healing properties of the amethyst gemstone. The energy of the stone will boost the metabolism, as well as remove toxic substances from the blood. Also, it will cure skin diseases, treat any hearing disorders, and helps in better digestion.

Price of the Amethyst Gemstone

The Amethyst stone price in India ranges between INR 594.00 – 8,033.00. The stone costs varies in market as per the market demand and supply chain. Also, the cut, and clarity of the gemstone makes a change in the amount. The quality and weight of the amethyst can increase the price of the stone as well.

Value of Amethyst

A natural Amethyst gemstone is so beautiful that people wear it as jewelry. However, the value of the stone is high because of its astrological value. The stone as per astrology is in association with the astrological planet Saturn. This planet also known as Shani can cause troubles in the life of the person if it is in a negative position.

Hence, people with the adverse impact of Saturn in their lives are recommended to wear the Amethyst Gemstone. The energy of this gemstone will remove these harmful effects and will bring positivity and serenity to the life of the wearer.

Wrapping Up

The Amethyst gemstone is a stone of love, vibrance, and royalty. This stone have a lot of physical and meta-physical properties, all of which provides a lot of advantages to the person who wears this stone. The stone will provide you a lot of benefits to you but before wearing it, you should consult with an astrologer. An expert will tell you if the stone is suitable with your birth chart or Kundli or not. If it is suitable and friendly with you, the stone will heal you physically and emotionally, among its other benefits.

You can buy an amethyst gemstone from the reputable store of loose gemstones, Rashi Ratan Bhagya. They have a wide variety of gemstones available in different cuts and weights such as Red coral, Ruby, Hessonite, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Etc. Every stone is authenticated and lab-certified.

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