9 Video Games That Would Make For Great Board Games

Many well-known video games already work well as board games, so let’s talk about a few more that could be turned into board games.

Since so many games seem to be turned into board games these days, it’s clear that there’s a market for people who make board games to turn the worlds and rules of all kinds of games into a gaming format. Even as recently as 2023, board game versions of Dead Cells, Terraria, Slay the Spire, Deep Rock Galactic, and even Monster Hunter were planned or released.

So, let’s talk about a few more games that stand out as ones that would be easy to turn into board games. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean putting the styles of these games on top of the rules of other board games. Instead, it means thinking about how the rules of these video games might work in a board game format.

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