9 Reasons Why Quartz Kitchen Worktops Are Worth It

The task can be daunting when choosing the best worktops for your kitchen, as many options are available. That’s without considering the colour, material, design or price. Quartz is a durable and aesthetically appealing material. And to have it on your kitchen countertops is a worthwhile investment. While marble and granite worktops are the latest crazes, quartz offers a luxurious and stylish appearance, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. It has a vast array of colours, is affordable and has impressive resilience. But is it worth the fame? Here is why homeowners are going for quartz worktops.


Quartz kitchen worktops are quite affordable compared to other materials. However, the prices might vary depending on the design and colour you are going for. They are the number one alternative for granite countertops. But your choice will determine the price, for instance, the plain coloured ones are more expensive to produce and thus more costly. And if you are also looking for linear veining with varying backgrounds, those will need production advancements and might cost you a few dollars more. Therefore, the most affordable type of quartz countertop is the mirror fleck.

They Have A Natural Stone Appearance

Quarts have a natural stone appearance made from natural quartz crystals ground and fused with resin binders. They are, therefore, the best alternative for stone worktops. Quartz is 93% natural stone, so if there is a natural stone countertop you dearly desire, you will likely find a quartz worktop designed to look just the same but more efficient.

Low – Maintenance

Some kitchen worktops may look appealing and cost-effective and come in various designs but need constant maintenance. For instance, did you know that stone worktops, beautiful and natural as they may be, need periodic sealing every 3 months to a year? Conversely, quartz is indestructible and durable; you only need a soft cloth to wipe it down. Moreover, there aren’t any sealing agents you will need for the ongoing maintenance.

It Blends Well With The Modern Or Contemporary Kitchens

Quartz kitchen worktops can never go out of style. If you are looking for a marble-like countertop finish with low maintenance, it’s the best option. Quartz countertops come in a marble-like pattern. This material gives a taste of both worlds. It’s engineered in monochromatic colours, perfect for homeowners looking for a contemporary or modern kitchen finish. The colour variation allows blending and matching your kitchen countertop to get a coordinating theme that complements the backsplash.

It’s Scratch, Stain And Chip Resistant

Quartz worktops are 93% stone and have the effects of stone worktops. Quarts are one of the hardest minerals in the world. During the manufacture of the worktops, the pulverised natural stone aggregate is blended with polymers and then heated into stone slabs. This results in the most durable worktops being more resistant to scratch and chipping than the 100% natural stone countertops.

Easily Customizable

Everyone wants a unique kitchen worktop, a design that defines your personality and your home feel and elevates aesthetics. Quartz offers that chance; they are easy to customise to add a personal touch and feel. Some common customised options include;

  • The countertop finishes – you can go either with a glossy look or matte finish to control the shine and lustre of the worktops.
  • Custom edging allows you to add bevelled, diagonal or rounded edges to the worktops to complement the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and design features geometrically.
  • Material thinning – this customization effect gives you a unique appearance by installing a thinner version of quartz worktops.

Upholds Consistency

Natural stone countertops have inconsistent patterns because they are naturally formed. They might look beautiful for your space, but each slab or batch will have different patterns and colours. On the other hand, quartz is almost stone-like but hand-made. This allows for more uniformity and colour consistency across all slabs you will use in the kitchen. Additionally, each slab will have the same size and flow. This feature is crucial for larger spaces that require several slabs or more worktops. 

Highly Durable

Quartz is robust and versatile, thus its high durability. It’s more hard-wearing than natural stone and thus is becoming the most preferred for most London and UK homes. Furthermore, warranties on quartz worktops can last from 10 years to life. These countertops can last longer than your house as the materials and products used in their construction stay strong over time. Therefore, they are most preferred because they offer a one-time purchase. While cost is crucial, remember you won’t need another one again.

Environmentally Friendly

It all comes down to environmental conservation, which is one advantage engineered stone worktops like quartz offers. This is because they are by-products of manufacturing or querying processes, meaning no natural products are harvested purposefully to make quartz countertops. Although they are 93% natural stone, their manufacturing process is most responsible and involves sustainable practices for environmental conservation.

If you are looking for long-lasting kitchen worktops that will serve you for years, is cost-effective, complements your modern kitchen, and are stain, chip and scratch-resistant, quartz kitchen worktops are the deal. These design features make it one of the most sought-after kitchen worktops today, besides the fact that they also come in a marble-like finish. Therefore, you get the feel of both worlds in a single solution. Please note not all manufacturers adhere to quality standards during manufacture; therefore, do your due diligence and compare different manufacturers.

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