7 Key Elements to Take Care of While Netgear Router Setup

If you are in a quest for a guide explaining mistakes to avoid during Netgear router setup, this post will serve as a one-stop solution for you. Here, we have covered almost every element that needs to be taken care of while setting up a WiFi router.

Points to Remember During Netgear Router Setup

1. The Default URL Value

Routerlogin.net or routerlogin.com is the default web address of every WiFi router launched by Netgear. However, some users keep on accessing some random URLs to complete the router setup process. On the off-chance, that they use the correct URL, they commit typing errors and end up with nothing in their hands. Therefore, the default URL of the router is the first key element that must be taken care of during the installation process. Consider entering it without any typing mistakes.

2. Location of the Router

The router’s location is the second element that determines the rate of success of the setup process. If your WiFi router is situated too far from the modem, then both devices will fail to communicate wirelessly. Thus, try to place them in the same room. Moreover, ensure that none of these devices is surrounded by heavy electrical appliances. You should also make sure that no reflexive surface or metal object is placed near your Netgear router. We suggest you keep it in the central area of the house so that WiFi signals will get routed to every room.

3. The Router-Modem Connection

To set up the router successfully, the user is suggested to connect it to the modem using a LAN cable. It means the LAN cable serves the purpose of establishing a direct connection between both devices. Keeping this in mind, you cannot put any random Ethernet cable to use. The chosen one is supposed to be offering a higher data transmission rate and must be in good physical condition. By that, we mean it should not be fragmented. Besides, it is supposed to perfectly fit the LAN port of the modem and the Internet port of your Netgear router.

4. Power Supply

The power supply is one of the most overlooked elements during Netgear router setup. Some users, in a hurry to set up their WiFi routers, connect them to improperly working power outlets and fail miserably. Know that, in the absence of a stable power supply, completing the WiFi router setup process is nearly impossible. Therefore, before you head over to access the dashboard of your WiFi router, make sure that it is connected to a perfectly working wall outlet.

5. The Login Credentials

Apart from the default web URL, a Netgear router also arrives with pre-set admin values. It is done to facilitate the easy setup process. You can change the password after installing the router. However, during the configuration process, you need to use the default values very carefully as they are case-sensitive. FYI, the default password of every Netgear router is password and the username is admin. You can consider turning off the Caps Lock key on the keyboard to avoid unnecessary capitalization of letters.

6. The Default IP

Users who do not wish to use the web URL of the router can configure it via the default IP address However, the value of this IP address may vary for some router models. Also, it needs to be entered very carefully into the address bar of the web browser. If you enter it incorrectly, you’ll end up visiting some random page that has nothing to do with the installation of your wireless router.

7. Web Browser

As the entire setup process of the WiFi router is carried out via its web-based management portal, the web browser automatically comes into play. Due to this fact, the web browser becomes the 7th and last key element to be considered during Netgear router setup. This is to inform you that the web browser selected by you for the purpose of installing the WiFi router must be updated and free of cache, cookies, and search history.

In Closing

Now, we are wrapping up the post that discussed the 7 key elements that need to be taken care of during the Netgear router setup process. We anticipate that after considering them, you will be able to install your WiFi router without any hassle.

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