10 Best Elden Ring Weapons In Caelid

Elden Ring players can explore Caelid’s rotting swamps and abandoned buildings to find weapons that will help them on their quest to become Elden Lord.

Most of The Lands Between went to war and chaos after the breaking.The red rot took over and destroyed General Rahdan’s land, Caelid. The Tarnished can tour the area’s rotting swamps and abandoned ruins to find treasures and weapons that will help them on their way to becoming Elden Lord.

Even though players will find a lot of weapons as they explore Elden Ring, they should keep an eye out for these things in Caelid. Fans might just keep them for a very long time.

Meteorite Staff

meteor-staff.JPG (1500×750)

This is the best early-game staff, with good scaling for Intelligence at S and high scaling for magic. The Meteorite Staff is a good choice for a specialty, though, because it can make gravity spells stronger. This makes it a good match for the rock sling and meteorite of Astel spells. Also, the passive effect of the Meteorite Staff still works even if it’s not in the main hand. This means that players can use a better staff in the future and still get the buff.

It’s also easy to get, and players can get it quickly at the beginning of Elden Ring by opening a locked box in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. The cellar of the Street of Sages Ruins is where players can find it.

Cross Naginata

cross-naginata-1.JPG (1500×750)

The Cross Naginata is a spear with a unique attack that mixes cuts and thrusts. It can be infused with Ashes of War and has built-in bleed buildup, making it a flexible weapon. It also has the second-highest base damage of any spear, which makes it hit harder than most.

Also, the weapon scales very well, especially after it has been upgraded. The spear is not too well hidden, and players can find it quickly in the Gael Tunnel, in the tunnel where a Giant Land Octopus lives.

Meteoric Ore Blade

meteoric-ore-blade.JPG (1500×750)

This katana is one of the best Int weapons for a mixed spell-casting build. It scales with Int, Str, and Dex. This weapon scales more with Str, which is bad for spellcasters, so it’s not good for builds that depend a lot on casting spells. But this is the right tool for players who want to fight with their bodies. Also, since it’s a sword, it naturally bleeds, which lets players build up bleed.

The Meteoric Ore Blade also does some magic damage, which makes it useful against enemies that are weak to magic. Also, the weapon’s charged heavy attack is strong and can knock most foes down with one or two hits. The katana is in the Caelid Waypoint Ruins. Players can get there by taking the Caelid Highway South.


moonveil.JPG (1500×750)

The Moonveil, which is the battle mage’s best friend, is like the Meteoric Ore Blade’s twin brother. It scales very well with Int and Dex at B when +10, which makes it great for a build that focuses on casting spells. As a sword, it also has a natural bleed build, which makes it do even more damage.

But this weapon’s real power comes from its one-of-a-kind weapon skill, “Transient Moonlight.” The weapon skill makes players take a stance that lets them do a horizontal slash that sends a short-range projectile forward with the light attack, and a vertical slash that sends a mid-range projectile forward with the heavy attack. This katana is dropped by the boss Magma Wyrm in the Gael Tunnel.


greatsword.JPG (1500×750)

The Greatsword or Guts Sword, which is the largest sword in Elden Ring, is the king of colossal swords that can’t be broken. It can do a lot of damage, especially when it’s infused with fire. And it has the best value for boosting defense among weapons in its class. It is also the longest colossal sword, which gives an already great tool a nice reach boost.

It can also be found early in Elden Ring, so players can use this great sword right away if they have the Strength needed to use it with two hands. The Greatsword can be taken from the chest in a caravan moving along the Caelid Highway.

Death’s Poker

death-s-poker.JPG (1500×750)

The Death’s Poker is a useful tool that is one of the few in Drift Boss that builds up frost. It gets better with Dex, but it also gets better with Str and Int, so it’s a good Int-Dex tool. As a greatsword, it can also do a lot of damage and quickly knock enemies down.

But what players like most about this weapon is its special skill, Ghostflame Ignition, which is very good. This weapon skill makes a ball of ghost flame appear in front of the player. If the player follows up with a light attack, the flames spread out and leave a trail behind them. If the player follows up with a heavy attack, the flames explode in a medium-sized explosion. The Death Rite Bird near the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace drops the Death’s Poker.

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

lusat-s-glintstone-staff.JPG (1500×750)

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff is the best staff a player can get. It is the most powerful staff in the game. It has a good S Int scale of +10. Which is very good. It also does good physical damage when used to hit an enemy, so players can save their FP.

But what players will like about this staff is that it can increase the scaling of magic, which makes it hit harder. The Nox Swordstress and Nox Priest bosses in the Town of Sellia drop Lusat’s Glintstone Staff.

Ruins Greatsword

ruins-greatsword.JPG (1500×750)

The Ruins Greatsword is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It is one of the nine Legendary Armaments. It has the best Str base scaling of all the colossal swords with a B, making it perfect for a pure Str build. Also, as a gigantic sword, it does a lot of damage to poise, making it easy for players to deal with enemies who have shields.

The Ruins Greatsword also has a special heavy attack that is a big smash that does extra damage because of gravity. It also gets better as your Intelligence goes up, making it one of the few Colossal Swords that does. You can get this weapon by beating up the Misbegotten Warrior and the Crucible Knight in the plaza of Redmane Castle.

Staff Of Loss

staff-of-loss.JPG (1500×750)

The Staff of Loss could be better if it had average sorcery scaling, but what makes it good is that it can boost invisibility spells like night shard and night comet. Also, enemy NPCs can’t use invisibility to avoid getting hit, which makes this tool good for PVE.

The staff is easy to find on a balcony in the Town of Sellia, near the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank or the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace. This is a great staff for players who like to stay hidden.

Commander’s Standard

commander-s-standard.JPG (1500×750)

This huge halberd is the longest of its kind and has the second-highest average damage of any weapon in its class. It scales very well with Str at B when +10, so it’s great for Str builds. Also, most of its moves are thrusts, except for the heavy attack, which does a double horizontal spin when charged, letting the player hit more than one enemy at once.

The Commander’s Standard is strong not because it does a lot of damage, but because it has a special skill. Rallying Standard gives an area-of-effect buff that lasts 30 seconds and makes all damage done and taken stronger. In the Heart of Aeonia Site of Grace, you can get this halberd by beating the boss Commander O’Neil.

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